Allotment Anniversary

Tomorrow will be a year on from me receiving the keys to my allotment! It feels like I have had it forever and I couldn't be more pleased with the way it is going. Today, I celebrate with a colourful post! The picture on the left is my plot when I took it on this... Continue Reading →


Blackberry Jam

Today I brought my mum to the allotment to have a look and pick up some fruit and veg. On the way out we saw blackberries as far as the eye could see and couldn't resist. We went crazy...oh just one more...oh just this patch...hold on let me climb on this tree...The highest ones are... Continue Reading →


Is anyone else out there growing Hyssop? I'm relatively new to it so here are my findings from a bit of reading. Hyssopus officinalis, or Hyssop as it is more commonly known¬†is a herbaceous plant native to Southern Europe and the Middle East. It is part of the mint family and it has bright blue... Continue Reading →


This past fortnight I have become a little obsessed with tomatoes. It has been sunny, I have been enjoying the allotment and just look at their beautiful colours. The tomatoes above are from Wild Country Organics at Brockley Market so I cannot take the credit for their beauty. This is the second weekend in a... Continue Reading →

I have been reading in varying sources recently that Filipino food could be the next big thing. This is very exciting for me being half Filipino and having grown up with various dishes that my mum would make for me since I was small. I'm still small, who am I kidding. Since I was very... Continue Reading →

My Holy Grail Episode 1

I take a lot of photos. This is pretty well known. I do however sometimes struggle to upload them all in good time, especially when I have taken so many on a trip and have found it overwhelming. Seeing as it is exactly one year on, I thought now would be an appropriate time to... Continue Reading →

My Holy Grail.

Today marked a momentous day for me in my Autumnal hobbying. I am an avid mushroom spotter/eater and I love to go at this time of year, wandering in forests and woody areas searching for funghi. Wimbledon common was the destination and that is where I went at 10am this morning on my day off.... Continue Reading →

I have an allotment.

Not the most common statement you will hear from a 28 year old, but I got extremely lucky. I have had allotments at the back of my mind for a long while, but knowing their waiting time and not knowing where I will be living over the next few years put it on the back... Continue Reading →

Gone too long, but I’m back!!

Well, finding time to write a blog with a new full time job and exciting new hobbies has proven a lot more difficult than I thought, especially after just looking at the date of my last post!! How embarrassing. I am now settled and back in the writing seat, however I may have to backdate... Continue Reading →

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