Academy of Cheese Online Course

Have you always wanted to learn about cheese? Are you a retailer who would like a structured approach to learning about cheese? Are you a larger company who would like to know what level of knowledge future employees have before hiring? Well your prayers have been answered, the Academy of Cheese has arrived. Based loosely... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year! How to keep up a blog. Advice needed!

So it is January, the month of New Year's resolutions and all that jazz. I struggled very much last year to keep up my blog. I started to write a blog post in Autumn about struggling to keep up my blog and didn't even get round to publishing that. I bet it is still sitting... Continue Reading →

Les jardins de Villandry

I have extremely vague memories of visiting Loire jardins and Chateaux as a child. The strongest is getting lost in a maze. Completely traumatising. I to this day have an appalling sense of direction so mazes are still avoided as well as driving without a satnav and walking without extra allotted 'I'm going to get... Continue Reading →

Snail Farm

One thing I have never managed to do in France, until now, is visit a snail farm. Whilst driving to Normandy on Sunday we saw a sign and decided it had to be done on this trip. We did a quick search and found one of the farms close to us was doing an Open... Continue Reading →

Le Haras national de Pin

Today I visited le Haras national de Pin which was historically a stud farm (horse breeding) until a couple of years ago. It has since stopped and is now used mainly to teach the history of horse breeding as well as hosting the 'Jeux équestres mondiaux' in 2014 and many other sporting events and shows.... Continue Reading →

Bienvenue en France!

Yesterday was the first day of my two week holiday in France. YES!!! This weekend Sam and I also started drinking again after our month off. So we celebrated with bubbles on the Eurostar.The night before, we drank the wonderful Rosé Bagnum from Le Grappin and yesterday we started with a bottle of Graham Beck... Continue Reading →

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