Le Haras national de Pin

Today I visited le Haras national de Pin which was historically a stud farm (horse breeding) until a couple of years ago.

It has since stopped and is now used mainly to teach the history of horse breeding as well as hosting the 'Jeux équestres mondiaux' in 2014 and many other sporting events and shows.

Today we watched the cross country section of 'le grand complet' which was great fun. It consisted of horses running through water, jumping over tree trunks and running up hills.

After a morning of watching, followed by the scoffing of a foot long merguez sandwich we went to visit the museum and stables on a guided tour.

There we met many horses which are used now for their shows and their famous 'les jeudis des Pin' which showcase examples of different disciplines and breeds of horses.

This horse was for 'trot' or 'harness racing' in which the horses pull a two wheeled carriage called a 'sulky' where the jockey sits.

I don't remember much about this horse except that it was beautiful.

This horse was shorter than me and had an awesome haircut.

They had examples of old fashioned carriages which were fantastic. This one was so poorly designed that to board it, the windows have to be removed. Very pretty to look at though.

To finish we watched a hilarious one hour 'spectacle' which was well worth a visit for people of all ages and languages. It was engaging, technical, funny and the horses evidently knew the trainers really well. One of them was incredible, he made them dance so gracefully.

Le Haras national de Pin is well worth a visit, especially if you can get to visit one of their shows.

Watch this space for what I am doing tomorrow…I CANNOT wait.


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