Blackberry Jam

Today I brought my mum to the allotment to have a look and pick up some fruit and veg. On the way out we saw blackberries as far as the eye could see and couldn't resist.

We went crazy…oh just one more…oh just this patch…hold on let me climb on this tree…

The highest ones are the tastiest. Fact. Less fox pee I presume. So I climbed in the bush.

We took the berries home and weighed them out before deciding jam would be the only solution for our crazy picking.

We looked up numerous recipes as neither of us had made jam before (shock horror!) and we were astonished by the amount of sugar needed…triple checking conversions.

This molten pan of fruity goodness was so quick to make so then we went jar hunting.

We made three big jars of jam and I'm pretty sure there will be more. My current raspberry glut is in my thoughts.

Next stop, pickling the mountains of cucumbers coming from my tiny patch. I feel like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia's the Sorcerors Apprentice.


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