This past fortnight I have become a little obsessed with tomatoes. It has been sunny, I have been enjoying the allotment and just look at their beautiful colours.

The tomatoes above are from Wild Country Organics at Brockley Market so I cannot take the credit for their beauty. This is the second weekend in a row where I have been completely overwhelmed by the variety of colours, shapes and sizes and I cannot wait for mine at the allotment to ripen! The picture above I ate with a ball of Mozzarella di Bufala which we at Mons buy from the Parma Ham and Mozzarella company, Halen Mon salt and ‘Organic Organic’ Olive oil.


Cherry tomato seas as far as the eye can see attracted me in both yesterday and the weekend before. In particular the little yellow numbers, one variety of which tasted like pineapples and a dainty red variety with ridges like a scotch bonnet.

I can tell you there has been no better first year allotment feeling than seeing your first tomatoes turning red and eating them! I have absolutely mollycoddled them after losing many smaller seedlings to frost and I felt like the proudest parent holding these little rubies in my hands. And then placing them straight into my mouth.

Seeing them ripening like this is great. Especially as they are all being grown naked outside. They are not under cover. I am trying to wait for the whole bunch to ripen before I pick them which some of you have said makes me have the patience of a saint but luckily I have others to keep me going. Plus if you look carefully, I have actually nabbed the top two as they were too ripe and were starting to split.

The cherry tomatoes are well on their way however today’s most exciting news was that the Tigerella tomatoes have started to blush also. I never knew having an allotment would take me on so much of an emotional journey. Here’s to the rest of the year and a successful tomato harvest for everyone!


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