Blackberry Jam

Today I brought my mum to the allotment to have a look and pick up some fruit and veg. On the way out we saw blackberries as far as the eye could see and couldn't resist. We went crazy...oh just one more...oh just this patch...hold on let me climb on this tree...The highest ones are... Continue Reading →



Is anyone else out there growing Hyssop? I'm relatively new to it so here are my findings from a bit of reading. Hyssopus officinalis, or Hyssop as it is more commonly known¬†is a herbaceous plant native to Southern Europe and the Middle East. It is part of the mint family and it has bright blue... Continue Reading →


This past fortnight I have become a little obsessed with tomatoes. It has been sunny, I have been enjoying the allotment and just look at their beautiful colours. The tomatoes above are from Wild Country Organics at Brockley Market so I cannot take the credit for their beauty. This is the second weekend in a... Continue Reading →

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