My Holy Grail.

Today marked a momentous day for me in my Autumnal hobbying. I am an avid mushroom spotter/eater and I love to go at this time of year, wandering in forests and woody areas searching for funghi.

Wimbledon common was the destination and that is where I went at 10am this morning on my day off.

Almost as soon as I entered the woody part of the common I came across these beautiful clusters. I spot mushrooms but unfortunately I don’t know many names and cannot tell you anything about them. I simply love taking photos.

This result continued with about 20 different types appearing in succession. Here are some of my pictures.


I was particularly fond of this guy perched quite high up a tree.


I believe this is wood ear fungus but I’m not 100% sure. Absolutely beautiful all the same.

The variety was insane, so many different types and colours. There were mushrooms at every corner I turned.

Now, I have a favourite type. One which I had never seen in reality and almost questioned its existence. I have known friends who have told me that they’re ‘everywhere’ however I had never been lucky enough to find them. Last year I contacted some experts on twitter who told me where they had spotted them during the season however I still couldn’t find any. UNTIL TODAY!


I found my holy grail of mushroom spotting. Now some of you probably think I’m making a big deal out of nothing as they are pretty common but I had never seen them so I am dead excited. The Amanita Muscaria or ‘Fly Agaric’ is one of the most beautiful mushrooms I have ever seen. Such a vibrant red colour, so majestic on the forest floor and the stereotypical cartoon mushroom.

AND THEN I SAW TWO MORE. Just like buses. They weren’t in the best shape but does my face look like it cared? T-shirt weather on 27th October, 3 fly agarics found, a great lunch at the Ivy cafe in Wimbledon Village and feeling on top of the world from such a successful day off.



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