I have an allotment.

Not the most common statement you will hear from a 28 year old, but I got extremely lucky. I have had allotments at the back of my mind for a long while, but knowing their waiting time and not knowing where I will be living over the next few years put it on the back burner. Whilst packing my mums shopping in the supermarket, I spotted a sign on the notice board. ‘No waiting list for allotments in Shortlands’. I live in Shortlands. I was so excited I almost wanted to tear down the sign, but instead I emailed the contact straight away. The rest is history. I got my plot, I have had it now since August and here are a few pictures of my progress…


This is what my plot looked like when I took it on. I have NO experience in gardening so I had some doubts as it was quite overgrown. My friends told me how much work it would be and I believed them. I had no idea where to start. So I just left it. For three weeks. I finally decided to stop hiding and go and work on something. I wasn’t sure what. I guessed some digging.

It was pretty messy so I started from scratch. Firstly with the end plot which had visible soil. I dug everything up. Turned the soil, added compost from the allotment, a bit of vegetable growing compost and some fish blood pellets.


I planted some purple sprouting broccoli, lollo rosso and leeks and this is what they looked  like last week. The lettuces are almost ready to be eaten and my broccoli have shot up!


In patch number 2 I planted beetroot and chard. I dug up the beans and corn which were there already. That was a pretty hard decision as I could have tried to continue with them but I thought it best that I started completely from scratch.

Patch number 3 consists of cavolo nero, endives, chicory, spinach and golden ball turnip. This was really fun to plant. What a hot day though! Wish it was a little cooler for both me and the plants.


I covered the rest which I wasn’t planning on using for a few weeks…until last week…the weeds and grass had died down, I had prepared the soil and this week I planted…

…garlic, shoyu onions and electric onions.

So that is where I am up to now! This plus fighting the following HORRIBLE THINGS. I didn’t know how much I disliked them until now!


Don’t be fooled by their cute exterior!


I can’t say I have done this all alone so thanks for the help! Here is my mum doing some weeding…


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