Maltby Street Market


I’ve had a bit a market binge recently, on account of having certain days off which I hardly experienced in retail for the past six or seven years. Maltby Street Market had been on my list for a while so last Sunday that is where I headed.

The market was mainly street food, with a couple of places to sit down and eat a plate of charcuterie, some oysters or grab a coffee, and a couple of stalls and arches with products to buy and take home.


I hadn’t had breakfast so the first stop was St John Bakery for a doughnut or twelve. I went for the vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla did not disappoint. Breakfast underway, it was already time for lunch…


I found Finest Fayre and their awesome scotch eggs and brought those home…as I always do with scotch eggs. The meat was moist and the egg was still semi runny, just how I love them.


Lunch was a Toastie from The Cheese Truck. I had heard of them whilst working at Gringa Dairy, so I had to try the Gringa Queso Chihuahua toastie with chorizo and rocket. It was tasty and would have been GREAT hangover food with the amount of everything in one serving.


I didn’t taste these cute little numbers, but they were definitely photo worthy. They are Dhan Waffle‘s Dhan, iconic Taiwanese snacks which are a combination of Doughnuts, waffles and pancakes. They come with a variety of toppings, savoury and sweet, and now I’m not quite sure why I didn’t get round to trying them? Another time!


Lastly, I paid a visit to Jensen’s Gin. I wasn’t feeling well enough to taste any alcohol – though well enough to stuff a cheese toastie and a doughnut in my face – however it was nice to hear the story of the gin which is made on site there in Bermondsey, and to hear about their different types. They make two gins – Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry, and an Old Tom. The Bermondsey dry is based on a London Dry style, with a delicate, floral and citrusy style perfect for martinis. The Old Tom is a recipe similar to those used by bartenders in the 1800s. The Old tom is a little more rough, with earthy notes, and an emphasis on roots.


They also sell premixed cocktails which all looked worth a try too…



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