First day of Spring = obligatory goats cheese post!


Spring for many cheesemongers and turophiles is the start of an exciting time of year, that is Goats Cheese season.

Not all Goats Cheeses are seasonal, however it is the time when they shine, and so I thought a cheeky post on one of my favourite Loire Valley Goats Cheeses was in order.

The above pyramids are that of Pouligny, which I visited in 2014.

The business is a partnership (started in 2006) of a couple and their neighbour who work together with all farming and cheese making processes.They own 30 hectares of land, and at that point had a herd size of 130 goats.

A large part of the Goats feed is grown on their farm, including alfalfa which is present on many farms in the Loire, as well as grain which is bought in.

Pouligny is a lactic recipe, and their starter cultures are made using matured milk from the farm.


These Pouligny are taken by Hervé Mons for maturation at just six days after renneting. The AOC states that to be called Pouligny St Pierre these cheeses must be taken no earlier than ten days, hence the name of simply ‘Pouligny’.


For direct sales on the farm, the cheeses are sold young at just fifteen days old. Yoghurt and a Tomme de chèvre are also made on the farm.


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