Brockley Market

Yesterday I did my first shift at Brockley Market for Mons Cheesemongers. It was also my first trip to Brockley Market so I was doubly excited to be heading there.

The market was a comfortable size, and had a huge variety of stalls including a considerable amount of food to eat there and then. I managed to grab a moment to have a quick wander around and found some really cool bits.

First thing was to top up my raw milk supply from Hook & Son. Just for drinking this time, no home cheese making.

Second was to buy dinner – sausages from Godmersham Game. I chose the mixed pack consisting of Guinea Fowl & Ginger, Duck Orange & Apricot and Wild Board and Apple. They were all as good as they sound. The Guinea Fowl and Ginger was particularly interesting and a combination I had never tried, or even thought of before.

Third was to feed my RUMBLING stomach. I had heard good things about a posh ham sandwich, and as I was on a bit of a time frame, as well as being stupidly hungry and unable to differentiate between the enticing smells of the hot food trucks, this seemed the perfect choice.


I made my way to the Moons Green stand, almost drooling as I walked. The ham looked SO succulent. I wanted to bite it on the stand. The carving was effortless, and I could hardly wait to eat it between receiving sandwich in hand and giving money. In fact, I didn’t wait, I was that annoying customer who took a cheeky bite before finishing a transaction. The sandwich was great, served in ciabatta with dijon mustard. So simple yet so perfectly executed.


I’m not very good at walking past scotch eggs so they ended up in my shopping bag too… pork and black pudding from Hartland Pies for the journey home.

Then for dessert…


Our stand is next to Cinnamon Tree Bakery which I knew would become dangerous in due course. I bought a selection of sweet treats, including this Halva Flapjack which was their recommendation. I also particularly enjoyed their new Coconut Cake with Dulce de Leche, Cashews, Cranberries and Chocolate.

Waiting anxiously for my rota to see if I will be working here again soon…


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