Crystal Palace Food Market

IMG_2976I’ve been quite unwell this past week, and have been getting fed up of staying indoors. Social media has been my friend for the last few days. I have been looking up exciting producers and retailers on Instagram and Twitter, and this morning I came across the twitter account for Crystal Palace Food Market which I have apparently been following for a while. The sun was out, I had cleaned the house to clinical standards, and I needed to get some air, so I thought why not, as it is only one bus away from my house. I dragged my poor mother along for support – she wanted to be there really – and we set out on our trip.


We arrived at the market, to find a few unassuming stalls, however the quality of the products made up for my presumptive first impression. We were also at that moment informed that the market was in two parts, so it was larger than we first expected!

The first stall we visited was The Charcuterie Board, the London representative of Moons Green and Native Breeds who make great British Charcuterie. We went away with the Chilli Loin and Native Nape and some happy tastebuds.


We went for a bit of a wander, and discovered that all the produce was either Organic or Biodynamic…somehow managed to miss that aspect of the market, which made it even more special.

I tried some Biodynamic Apples and Pears from Brambletye Fruit Farm and we bought some greens to load me up on nutrients!!

My instinct is always to gravitate towards any dairy stall, so guess where I went next…


Hook and Son. It was great to see unpasteurised milk, cream, butter and organic yoghurts in a market in or at least so close to London. I couldn’t resist buying some butter and a few pints of milk for some home cheese making tomorrow!

The Wine Scouts had a good selection of natural wines, including one of my favourites the Clos Fantine Faugeres. I would have loved to have tried them all on one of my better days so a return visit is in order!!


Do not be put off by its unassuming exterior, this market is a real hidden gem, and quite quaint when you understand its size and layout. The product range was the epitome of quality over quantity.

Check out Good Taste Food on Westow Hill after the market. The shop was heaving, full of craft beers and a queue out the door for cheese!!




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